In Defence of the True Faith

Soft, 9786035000772, Darussalam, Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer, english, 328, 14x21
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Book Overview

Take an enlightening voyage through Islamic history with "Al-Bidayah wan Nihayah - In Defence of the True Faith." Brought to you by Darussalam Publications, the book is an authoritative English translation of the acclaimed work by esteemed scholar Hafiz Ibn Kathir.

About the Author:

Hafiz Ibn Kathir, a well-renowned scholar, lends unsurpassed credibility to this work. Ibn Kathir’s contribution to Islamic literature garners respect globally, his narratives shedding light on the faith’s profound history. His comprehensive understanding and articulate storytelling make this book a must-read for those seeking insights into Islamic history.

Key Features:

  • Chronicles pivotal moments in Islamic history, from the Battle of Badr to the Battle of Mu'tah
  • Presents life highlights of Prophet Muhammad as a leader
  • Features expeditions, conflicts, and peace initiatives endured by the Muslims
  • Immortalizes events referenced in the Noble Quran
  • Offers invaluable lessons for humanity

Explore these significant events told in an easy-to-comprehend language and bring forth the lessons that continue to inspire generations. Sharpen your understanding of Islamic faith, expand your worldview, and enrich your spiritual journey!


Khadijah Bilal
Bridging past and present, Hafiz Ibn Kathir's "In Defence of the True Faith" is an inspirational guide that underscores Prophet Muhammad's leadership and the lessons embedded in Islamic history. A significant addition to the Islamic literature marvel.
Sami Hassan
"In Defence of the True Faith" is a captivating depiction of crucial events in Islamic history. Ibn Kathir’s authoritative voice, along with his nuanced comprehension of the faith and its history, ensures that the book is both enlightening and engrossing.
Yusuf Saleh
Intriguing and well-researched, "In Defence of the True Faith" offers an enriching tour of Islamic history. Hafiz Ibn Kathir artfully chronicles events from the Battle of Badr to the Battle of Mu'tah, proffering a unique perspective on the Prophet Muhamma
Ayesha Ibrahim
In Defence of the True Faith" is a fascinating read, shedding light on pivotal milestones in Islamic history under Prophet Muhammad's leadership. From renowned scholar Hafiz Ibn Kathir, this book is an educational journey threaded with valuable lessons th
Fatimah Qasim
In "In Defence of the True Faith", Hafiz Ibn Kathir weaves an engaging narrative that merges historical accounts with life lessons. Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, this book serves as an enlightening guide for readers keen to delve into the p
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