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Important Lesson for Muslim Women - English

Empower Muslim women with essential Islamic knowledge.
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Important Lesson for Muslim Women: A Comprehensive Guide for Islamic Knowledge

Diving into the rich ocean of Islamic knowledge can often be overwhelming, particularly for women seeking to grasp the essentials of their faith. This is where "Important Lesson for Muslim Women," a book by the esteemed author Amr Abdul Mun'im Saleem, comes into play. 

It is a guiding light that illuminates the path to better understanding and fulfilling woman’s religious duties in Islam, while successfully navigating societal challenges.

Book Overview: A Must-read for Muslim Women

Our faith is a journey, and each step we take in learning brings us closer to the divine. "Important Lesson for Muslim Women" assists in making this journey smoother, as it carves out a space for women to grow and understand the many aspects of Islamic teachings that directly affect them. 

The book touches on several pertinent topics such as faith, acts of worship, purification, marriage, and divorce, among other vital issues. Each page unravels a unique perspective and deep insight, thus aiding Muslim women in their path to enlightenment.

Meet the Author: 'Amr Abdul Mun'im Saleem

The author, 'Amr Abdul Mun'im Saleem, is a reputable scholar in the field of Islamic studies. His dedication and passion for conveying accurate and comprehensible knowledge about Islam are reflected on every page of this book. Saleem's meticulous yet straightforward approach to tackling diverse topics renders this book an essential guide for any Muslim woman seeking to better understand her faith.

Features That Set This Book Apart

"Important Lesson for Muslim Women" stands tall among Islamic educational resources due to its unique features:

  • It provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of a wide array of issues related to women's roles and responsibilities in Islam.
  • The book is grounded in authentic Islamic sources, ensuring the credibility of the teachings.
  • The teachings and examples are practical, making the content relatable and straightforward.
  • As a versatile guide and reference book, it caters to Muslim women from diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Genre: A Confluence of Islamic Studies and Religious Education

This book finds its place in the genres of Islamic Studies and Religious Education. It transcends traditional educational boundaries, offering an experiential journey through the diverse aspects of a Muslim woman's life. With each turn of a page, the reader uncovers a wealth of knowledge, gradually paving the way to a better understanding of their faith.

Related Recommendations for the Avid Reader

Should readers find value and insight in "Important Lesson for Muslim Women," they may also appreciate the following books:

  • "Women Around The Messenger" by Muhammad Ali Qutb, an enriching narrative on women who played pivotal roles during the time of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • "A Message Exclusively to the Muslim Woman" by Shaykh Jamal Al-Harithi.
  • "The Dignity of Womanhood in Islam" by Akbar S. Ahmed, is an exploration of women's roles and rights in Islam.

To conclude, "Important Lesson for Muslim Women" is more than a book; it's a rich repository of Islamic teachings tailor-made for women. As an authentic source of knowledge, it can equip Muslim women to navigate their faith with confidence and understanding. This comprehensive guide can be your trusted companion in your spiritual journey, providing clarity and understanding with each page. 

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ISBN 9789960732350
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Author(s) Amr Abdul Munim Saleem
Publisher Darussalam
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