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Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah

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"Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah" – a scholarly portrayal of an eminent early Islamic scholar who shone as a beacon of Sunnah.

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Language English
Age Groups Adults
ISBN 9789960980157
Pages 240
Author(s) Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:  

The biography "Imam Sufyan Ibn Uyaynah" unfolds the life and times of one of the most distinguished scholars of Hadith, offering inspiration from his devout pursuit of knowledge and piety. Authored by Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood and published by Darussalam, the book encompasses 240 pages of rich historical narratives, showcasing how Imam Sufyan stood as a pivotal link in the transmission of Islamic wisdom across generations. The hardcover book presents a cherished silhouette of a scholarly life dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Islamic teachings.

Author Bio:  

Salah Ud Din Ali Abdul Maujood is a noted author whose work often focuses on illustrious personalities from Islamic history. His writings are characterized by meticulous research and deep respect for Islamic scholarship. With an objective approach, the author brings to light the achievements of early Islamic scholars whose lives exemplify steadfastness in faith and contribute to the preservation of Islamic teachings and the religion's rich academic legacy.


Main Features:  

  • A compelling look at Imam Sufyan's rigorous commitment to Islamic learning and his influence on the scholars who followed.
  • Detailed accounts of his methodologies, his virtues, and his contributions to Islamic jurisprudence.
  • Captures the essence of his scholarly demeanor through anecdotes and his scholarly interactions.
  • A well-researched biography aimed at adults interested in the lives of great Islamic figures.
  • Durable hardcover format and a standard book size of 14x21, suitable for both personal and library collections.
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