I want to Eat my Food

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Book Overview:

"I Want to Eat My Food" by Shazia Nazlee is a beautifully crafted children's book focused on teaching the etiquette of eating according to Islamic principles. This delightful book is filled with colorful illustrations that attract and engage young readers. Simple language is used to explain important concepts such as saying 'Bismillah' before eating, expressing gratitude for the food provided, the importance of sharing, and maintaining cleanliness. The book serves as an excellent primer for instilling good manners and gratitude in children from an early age.

Author Bio:

Shazia Nazlee is an author renowned for creating appealing Islamic educational content for children. She has a gift for combining playful storytelling with important Islamic teachings. Through her stories, Shazia introduces young minds to various aspects of daily Islamic life, making learning engaging and memorable. Her books are often praised for their bright illustrations and clear messages, making them a favorite among children and an educational resource for parents and teachers seeking to impart Islamic values in a fun way.


Main Features:

  • Engaging and colorful illustrations that draw the attention of young readers.
  • Easy-to-understand text tailored for children to learn Islamic eating etiquette.
  • Educational themes include making dua, sharing with others, and appreciating food.
  • Ideal for parents and teachers to use as a reading tool to discuss manners and thankfulness.
  • Softcover format with a light weight of 0.3 kg, suitable for little hands.
  • Contains 20 pages of enjoyable content for a quick and impactful reading session.


Fatimah Abdurrahman
In her vibrant book, "I Want to Eat My Food," Shazia Nazlee invites young readers to the table of Islamic tradition, sharing the spiritual nourishment that accompanies physical sustenance. The heartwarming illustrations and easy-to-follow text make each d
Amina Rashid
Shazia Nazlee's "I Want to Eat My Food" cleverly integrates Islamic dining etiquette into an engaging narrative for children. It transforms the simple act of eating into a joyful and meaningful experience, reinforcing the significance of cleanliness, sha
Yusuf Ahmed
With "I Want to Eat My Food," Shazia Nazlee serves up a delightful platter of learning, garnished with fun illustrations and simple lessons in Islamic etiquettes of eating. It's an ideal resource for parents to cultivate the seeds of good manners and appr
Sarah Malik
"I Want to Eat My Food" by Shazia Nazlee is an inviting storybook that feeds young minds with the etiquettes of eating as taught in Islam. Its vibrant illustrations release a burst of color on every page, making the acts of saying 'Bismillah', sharing, an
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