History of Islam - Uthman ibn Affan

Hard, 9786035000796, Darussalam, Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz, english, 121, 17x24
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Book Overview:

History of Islam, Age of the Rightly Guided Caliphs, Uthman ibn Affan (RA) is the third book in the History of Islam series by Darussalam. This series facilitates the Muslim youth with authentic information related to the history of Islam and its glory days and gives them a perspective to compare with the general Islamic information found online.

This interesting book on the caliphate of Uthman ibn Affan (RA) speaks a lot more about the life of Zul Noorain through the illustrations, maps, and pictures it provides. It is divided into seven chapters and the first three chapters reveal interesting details on the early life of Uthman (RA), his whereabouts during the battle of Badr and appointment as Caliph.

The fourth chapter highlights the types of public expenditures at the time of Uthman’s (RA) caliphate, the fifth details the conspiracy of Abdullah ibn Saba and the sixth chapter explains the allegations raised by the followers of Abdullah ibn Saba and Uthman’s (RA) clarifications. The last chapter is about the death threats received by the third caliph of Islam from the rebels.

About the Author:

Our esteemed author, Molvi Abdul Aziz, renowned for his deep insight and thorough research into Islamic history, masterfully recounts the pivotal moments and influential figures that shaped early Islamic civilization.

This volume beautifully showcases his scholarship, offering readers an intimate look into the life and rule of Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA).

The book's sections include:

I. Background and Early Life

Growing up in Mecca during a time of great transformation, Uthman's early life sets the stage for his remarkable journey.

II. Uthman’s Conversion to Islam

His adoption of Islam, relationship with Prophet Muhammad and perseverance in the face of adversity.

III. Uthman’s Role in the Early Muslim Community

Learn about Uthman's contributions to the early Muslim community, including his role in the migration to Abyssinia and later to Medina.

IV. Uthman as the Third Caliph

Witness the evolution of Uthman as he ascends to the role of the Third Caliph, steering the ship of Islamic governance and facing enormous challenges.

V. The Tragedy of Uthman’s Assassination

Deep dive into the events leading up to and following Uthman's heartbreaking demise, providing a nuanced perspective on this critical event.

VI. Uthman’s Legacy and Impact on Islam

Explore how Uthman's life and leadership continue to resonate within Islamic teachings and society, emphasizing his legacy as a devout follower and leader in Islam.


Adel Al Atrash
Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz's "History of Islam - Uthman bin Affan" is a comprehensive study delving into the life and legacy of Uthman. Be it his early life, conversion to Islam, or leadership as the Third Caliph, every facet is brilliantly explored.
Khalid Al Qahtani
"History of Islam - Uthman bin Affan" by Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz is a comprehensive narrative capturing the essence of Uthman's life, trials, and significant contributions to the Islamic Caliphate. A must-read for all lovers of authentic Islamic history.
Layla Al Shehri
The book "History of Islam - Uthman bin Affan" offers a comprehensive narrative of Uthman's journey, expertly weaving personal stories, pivotal moments, and historical insights into a compelling piece of literature.
Fatima Al Ghamdi
The book "History of Islam - Uthman bin Affan" provides an intimate look into Uthman's life, from his conversion to Islam to his roles in the Muslim community, and his lasting legacy. A deeply researched and beautifully narrated account that brings histor
Hamad Al Khawaja
"History of Islam - Uthman bin Affan" is a well-detailed exposition of Uthman bin Affan's life and Caliphate. Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz skillfully highlights Uthman's contributions, struggles, and enduring legacies.
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