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Hadith Activity Book for Kids

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Discover the exciting and enriching world of Islam with the "Hadith Activity Book for Kids" by Ayse seda Denize. Published by Goodword.

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Language English
Age Groups 7 - 10 Years
ISBN 9788178989792
Pages 88
Author(s) Mohd. Harun Rashid
Publisher Goodword
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Soft

Book Overview

Experience a unique blend of education and entertainment with "Hadith Activity Book for Kids" by Ayse seda Denize. Published by Goodword, the book skillfully introduces young learners to the wisdom of Hadith – the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

What you can expect from the book:

A vivid presentation of Islamic teachings: The author uses simple language, making it accessible for children to understand the radiant message of Islam.

Engaging and interactive activities: The book is filled with captivating illustrations, puzzles, crosswords, and coloring activities that keep children engrossed and appreciating the importance of Hadith in Islamic life.

Value-based Education: The teachings and activities encourage core values such as compassion, honesty, respect, and humility in children.

A perfect Islamic educational resource: This book is a go-to resource for parents and teachers looking to teach children about Hadith. It creates a love for the Prophet's teachings and fosters an understanding of the principles that form the foundation of Islam.

Meet the Author:

Ayse seda Denize is a renowned author in the realm of Islamic children's literature. With a profound understanding of the religion and a talent to convey complex teachings simply, Denize has made a mark in facilitating Islamic learning for young minds. Her work in "Hadith Activity Book for Kids" is a testimony to her dedication and creativity in educating children about their faith engagingly and enjoyably.

Snatch a copy now and let your child embark on a unique journey toward an understanding and appreciation of Islamic teachings!

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