Green Muslims (The True Custodians of The Earth)

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Book Overview:

"Green Muslims: True Custodians" by Luqman Nagy is an insightful book that bridges the principles of Islam with the preservation and care for the environment. It spotlights the wise and ethical environmental message of Islam, calling for justice and compassion towards all of creation. This book is a celebration of the Muslim Ummah as custodians of the earth, showcasing how eco-conscious actions are deeply rooted in Islamic teachings. Presented in a hardcover format, it unfolds the environmental ingenuity evident across the diverse landscapes of Dar al-Islam (the Islamic world).

About the Author:

Luqman Nagy is an author renowned for articulating the ecological insights and practices within Islamic teachings. His works delve into the ethical and spiritual dimensions of environmentalism, emphasizing how the principles of the Quran and the Sunnah guide Muslims to engage with the earth responsibly and sustainably. Nagy's approach to environmental issues is both practical and inspired, offering a roadmap for conscious living that both reflects and respects the divine order. 


Main Features:

  • Offers an Islamic perspective on environmental ethics and the importance of sustainable living.
  • Explains the role of Muslims as khalifah (custodians) of the Earth as directed by the Quran and Sunnah.
  • Features inspiring examples of environmental stewardship from the Islamic world.
  • Encourages readers to adopt eco-friendly practices in alignment with their faith.
  • The hardcover binding provides durability for a long-lasting resource.
  • A thought-provoking read for anyone interested in the convergence of faith and environmentalism.


Suleiman Al-Hakim
"Green Muslims: True Custodians" by Luqman Nagy is a rigorous and passionate call to action, elevating awareness on the Islamic perspective of environmental stewardship. This thoughtfully curated work redefines what it means to be an environmentally respo
Yasmin Zahra
"Green Muslims: True Custodians" penned by Luqman Nagy is an illustrative work that highlights the inherent environmental stewardship within Islamic tradition. With a blend of Quranic directives and prophetic practices, the book advocates for a faith-driv
Fatima Mahmood
In "Green Muslims: True Custodians," Luqman Nagy eloquently unearths the green roots of Islam, portraying the Muslim community’s responsibility towards the Earth's care. The narratives interwoven in this book not only educate but also motivate action, tru
Kareem Abdul
Luqman Nagy’s "Green Muslims: True Custodians" is a commendable exploration of the eco-conscious ethos of Islam. Presenting sustainability as a religious obligation, the book inspires Muslims to harmonize their daily lives with environmentally ethical dec
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