Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah

Hard, 9788178988061, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, 136, 21x21
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Book Overview:  

"Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah" is a captivating collection of illustrated tales that bring to life the inspiring stories of the Sahabah, the beloved companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Authored by Saniyasnain Khan, this 136-page book is designed to instill a sense of awe and admiration in young readers for the exemplary lives led by these pious individuals. The stories are perfect for parents and educators to read to children aged 7-10 years, making bedtime an opportunity for both Islamic education and bonding.

Author Bio:  

Saniyasnain Khan is an acclaimed Islamic author, particularly renowned for writing children's books on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His storytelling style is both richly descriptive and accessible, making complex historical and religious concepts understandable for young minds. Khan’s writings often serve as tools for parents and educators looking to impart ethical and religious knowledge to their children, ensuring that his stories resonate with his audience’s curiosity and capacity for learning.


Main Features:  

  • Engrossing and educational stories that highlight the virtues and trials of the Sahabah.
  • Beautifully illustrated pages spark the imagination and keep young readers engaged.
  • Each tale is crafted with a clear moral focus, encouraging character development and Islamic values.
  • A sturdy hardcover format with a convenient 21x21 size for easy handling by young readers.
  • Provides a bridge for children to connect with Islamic history and the Prophet's teachings.


ibn Umar
Saniyasnain Khan's "Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah" is a creative work that combines Islamic heritage with storytelling. Geared towards children aged 10 to 13 years, it offers a unique opportunity to delve into the lives of the Sahabah throug
Hasan Al Basri
A book that enriches young minds with beautifully illustrated tales of the Sahabah, "Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah" provides an engaging avenue for children to learn about the exemplary lives of the companions of the Prophet. It is a valuabl
"Goodnight Stories from the Lives of Sahabah" by Saniyasnain Khan is a captivating collection of stories for children, bringing to life the heroics and virtues of the Prophet Muhammad's companions. These tales, told in an age-appropriate and engaging mann
Aisha Siddiq
This collection of stories by Saniyasnain Khan is a treasure trove of wisdom that lights up the bedtime routine of young children. The engaging narratives and vivid illustrations introduce the remarkable figures of Islamic history in a way that is both en
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