Golden Supplication for children

Soft, 9786035002622, Darussalam, Abdul Malik Mujahid, english, 17x24
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More About Golden Supplications for Children by Darussalam United Kingdom

  • The book under consideration is counted among the author's best books. In this book, the author has fulfilled a significant demand, which is easy “Masnoon supplications” for children. 
  • Prior to this, the author had compiled a treasury titled "Golden Supplications/سنہری دُعائیں /Sunehri Duaain" which was derived from the renowned book of Sheikh Saeed bin Ali Al-Qahtani, containing timeless supplications. 
  • This beautiful collection of supplications for children has been prepared from the same book. Furthermore, it includes some instructions, conditions, and etiquette to facilitate the practice. 
  • Like other publications from Darussalam, this book also adheres to authentic Hadiths. 
  • It has been designed attractively to captivate the interest of children. The extent of its success can be better evaluated by its readers. 
  • The supplications that are memorized in childhood leave a lasting impression on the mind and have a practical impact throughout life. According to the author, the supplications memorized in childhood are still remembered and provide the benefit of preservation. 
  • Read this book regularly and teach it specifically to your children so that they may be safeguarded in their morning and evening supplications.


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