Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers

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Book Overview:

"Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers" is an inspiring work authored by Maulana Abdul Malik Mujahid, offering readers a deeper insight into the power and significance of dua (supplication) in Islam. This book brings together a rich tapestry of Quranic prayers, authentic Prophetic supplications, and captivating stories of their acceptance, each illustrating the profound communication between a believer and Allah. The initial sections shine a light on the Quranic verses and Hadith that pave the way to understanding the moments when prayers are most likely to be accepted, adding to the allure of this spiritual journey. 

Author Bio:

Maulana Abdul Malik Mujahid is a respected Islamic scholar and author known for his profound works that illuminate various aspects of Islamic spirituality and practice. With a keen focus on bringing the essence of Islamic teachings closer to the hearts of the faithful, his works resonate with readers across cultural and linguistic boundaries. "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers" reflects Maulana Mujahid's dedication to nurturing faith and reliance on Allah through the power of supplication, making it a cherished resource for Muslims worldwide seeking to enhance their spiritual life.


Main Features:

  • Comprehensive Compilation: Covers a wide array of authentic supplications and their occasions, aiming to encompass the varied needs and demands of the faithful.
  • Heartening Narratives: Features stories that demonstrate the miraculous acceptance of prayers, offering motivation and hope to the readers.
  • Spiritual Guidance: Provides insights into the etiquettes of supplication, reinforcing the concept of dua as an act of worship and a means of direct communication with Allah.
  • Transcendent Connection: Encourages developing a deeper bond with Allah through prayer, emphasizing His nearness and responsiveness to His servants' calls.
  • Soft Cover & Accessible Format: The 17x24 size and soft cover make it reader-friendly, designed for both personal reflection and group study sessions.


Zara Khan
In these trying times, "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers" serves as a beacon of hope for those seeking solace and guidance. The stories and wisdom shared in this book remind us that God is always listening and that our prayers have the power to transfo
Fatima Ahmed
"Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers" is an inspiring and transformative guide to the art of supplication. Through captivating stories and authentic teachings, this book illuminates the power of prayer and encourages readers to connect with God on a deeper
Khalid Ali
This book offers a practical guide to unlocking the secrets of answered prayers. The author shares valuable insights and effective techniques that empower readers to make their supplications more meaningful and effective.
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