Golden Rays of Prophet Hood

Hard, 9786035000284, Darussalam, Abdul Malik Mujahid, english, 763, 14x21
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Book Overview:  

Immerse yourself in the profound and inspiring biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with "Golden Rays of Prophethood". This compelling 763-page hardcover book authored by Abdul Malik Mujahid invites readers to explore the lesser-spoken aspects of the Prophet's life, including his familial circumstances, early Islamic events, and his noble character. Not just a narration of his life's journey, the book paints a loving portrait of the Prophet's steadfastness, his dealings with enemies, and the life lessons derivable from his Sunnah up until his last moments.

Author Bio:

Abdul Malik Mujahid is an esteemed author and publisher known for his passionate contributions to Islamic literature. His work is characterized by an engaging narrative that brings Islamic history and teachings to life. Mujahid's careful research and loving approach to writing reflect his deep reverence for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his dedication to presenting Islamic themes in a manner that resonates with readers seeking spiritual fulfillment and knowledge. Through his writings, he has touched the hearts of many, fostering a deeper connection with the life and teachings of the Prophet (PBUH). 


Main Features:  

  • Extensive biography that brings to life the key events of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) journey with rich details.
  • An insightful exploration of the Prophet's character, virtues, and the impact he had on his companions and Islam's early days.
  • The engaging style embodies the author's love and veneration for the Prophet (PBUH), offering a source of inspiration for readers.
  • Enhances understanding of the Seerah, encouraging readers to apply the Prophet's example in their lives.
  • Hardcover edition formatted at 14X21 cm to ensure a comfortable reading experience and durability for longevity.


Zain Ali
I found this book to be a bit dry and academic. It is full of information, but it is not very engaging. I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in a scholarly study of the prophets of Islam, but I would not recommend it to someone who is
This book is a must-read for any Muslim who wants to learn more about the lives of the prophets. It is full of inspiring stories and lessons that can be applied to our own lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in deepening their
This book is a comprehensive and well-researched account of the lives of the prophets of Islam. It is written in a clear and engaging style, making it accessible to readers of all levels. The author does an excellent job of weaving together historical fac
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