Glorious Sermons from The Haram

Hard, 9786035001168, Darussalam, Shaikh Abdul Rahman Sudais, english, 329, 14x21
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About The Book

Experience the captivating essence of Islam with "Glorious Sermons from the Haram." Authored by esteemed Islamic scholar and Imam of Al-Haram, Sheikh As-Sudais, the book is a beacon of spiritual enlightenment:

  1. Collection of Powerful Sermons: Carefully selected discourses delivered from the pulpit of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, providing crucial insights into Islamic teachings.
  2. Wide Range of Topics: From the belief in the Unity of Allah, the importance of prayer and fasting, to profound insights on morality, ethics, social justice, and communal unity.
  3. Contemporary Relevance: Sheikh As-Sudais delves into understanding Islam's place in the contemporary world, discussing challenges faced by global Muslims.
  4. Ideal for All Knowledge Seekers: Regardless of your current understanding of Islam, everyone from novices to scholars will discover paths of enrichment.

Author: Sheikh As-Sudais

Sheikh As-Sudais stands as a respected figure in Islamic studies, serving as the Imam of Al-Haram, Mecca's sacred mosque. Known for his profound understanding of Islamic doctrines, his spiritual guidance has illuminated the path of thousands of believers.

In "Glorious Sermons from the Haram," Sheikh As-Sudais's wisdom gracefully intertwines with his eloquent discourse – a testament to the timeless powers of the Islamic faith. A recommended read to illuminate your spiritual journey.

Purchase now to bask in this enriching reservoir of divine wisdom.


Imam Suhaib Webb
Sheikh As-Sudais is a master storyteller, weaving together personal anecdotes, historical references, and Quranic verses to create a tapestry of faith and inspiration.
Dr. Amina Wadud
A must-read for anyone interested in Islam. Sheikh As-Sudais's sermons are thought-provoking and insightful, offering a unique perspective on the challenges facing Muslims today.
Dr. Muhammad al-Asi
Sheikh As-Sudais's sermons are a powerful reminder of the beauty and depth of Islam. His insights on faith, morality, and social justice are invaluable for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their religion.
Dr. Yasir Qadhi
This book is a gift to the Muslim community. Sheikh As-Sudais's sermons are a source of comfort, guidance, and hope for Muslims around the world.
Imam Omar Suleiman
This book is a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance. Sheikh As-Sudais's eloquence and passion shine through on every page, making it a truly inspiring read.
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