Cleanliness is from Faith

Cleanliness is from Faith

Should a Muslim follow a Particular Madhhab? - English

Should a Muslim follow a Particular Madhhab? - English


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Engage with the pivotal Islamic text "Fathul Majeed," an illuminating explanation of Kitab At-Tawhid, presented in a two-color hardcover Arabic edition.

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Language Arabic
Age Groups Adults
Pages 462
Author(s) Abdur Rehman ibn Abdul Lateef Al Mahmood
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:  

"Fathul Majeed" is an authoritative exegesis of "Kitab At-Tawhid," the foundational Islamic text on the oneness of Allah. Authored by Abdur Rehman Ibn Abdul Lateef Al Mahmood, this hardcover edition spans 462 pages offering a deep dive into the essence of monotheism as defined by Islamic theology. Presented in eloquent Arabic, the book traverses various facets of Tawheed—focusing on its importance, implications on faith, and its bearing on the daily life of Muslims.

Author Bio:  

Abdur Rehman Ibn Abdul Lateef Al Mahmood is a prominent Islamic scholar known for his work on Tawheed and his expertise in Islamic jurisprudence. He is recognized for his scholarly approach to Islamic teachings and his dedication to writing that is grounded in authentic sources from the Quran and Sunnah. His works are highly regarded in the Muslim world for providing clear and concise commentary that both educates and inspires Muslims to appreciate and adhere to the foundational tenets of their faith.


Main Features:  

  • An in-depth, interpretative guide to understanding the concept of Tawheed in Islam.
  • Elegant two-color print enhances readability and distinction, with a size of 17X24 for comfortable handling.
  • Hardcover binding gives the edition a stately feel and a durable form, suitable for prolonged use and reference.
  • Authored by a noteworthy Islamic scholar, ensuring a narrative faithful to scholarly tradition and authentic sources.
  • A substantial addition to any Islamic library, providing valuable insight into one of Islam's most critical pillars.
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