Family Interactions (Successful Family Upbringing Series - 3)

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Book Overview:

In "Family Interactions," the third installment of the Successful Family Upbringing Series, Prof. Dr Abdul Karim Bakkar offers valuable insights into the dynamics of family life. This book delves into the concepts, mechanisms, and methods essential for fostering effective communication and robust interpersonal relationships among family members. Drawing on Islamic principles and psychological insights, Dr Bakkar provides practical advice and strategies to navigate the complexities of family interactions, aiming to create a harmonious and supportive home environment. Whether addressing conflicts, enhancing bonds, or developing mutual respect and understanding, "Family Interactions" serves as a comprehensive guide for parents and children alike to achieve a successful family upbringing.

Author Bio:

Prof. Dr Abdul Karim Bakkar is a distinguished figure in the fields of Islamic education and psychology, with an extensive background in family counseling. His works are celebrated for integrating Islamic values with contemporary psychological insights, offering holistic approaches to personal development and family well-being. Dr. Bakkar's expertise in nurturing familial bonds and his practical, empathetic advice has made him a revered author among readers seeking guidance in creating loving, resilient family structures based on mutual respect and Islamic ethics.


Main Features:

  • Expert Authorship: Written by esteemed Prof. Dr Abdul Karim Bakkar, known for his work in psychology and family counseling within an Islamic framework.
  • Practical Strategies: Offers actionable advice on improving communication skills, resolving conflicts, and building stronger emotional connections within the family.
  • Islamic Perspective: Grounded in Islamic teachings, providing a spiritual foundation for ethical and harmonious family interactions.
  • Wide Audience Appeal: Suitable for parents, guardians, and even older children, aiming to enhance mutual understanding and teamwork in family life.
  • Concise and Accessible: With its focused approach and manageable weight, this book is designed for easy reading and application.


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