Faith in Predestination - English

Soft, 9789960740553, Darussalam, Dr. Suhaib Hasan, english, 16, 14x21
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Faith in Predestination by Darussalam speaks about the undisputed article of faith in Islam. This booklet is written by Dr. Suhaib Hassan and aims at clarifying the difficult issue of predestination. It contains two chapters that attempt to answer those people who genuinely wonder whether humans have any control over their actions in this life. The first chapter of this book was originally written by Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al-Uthaimin and the second chapter is actually an answer by Mr,Adil Salahi to a question that appeared in the religious pages of the daily “Arab News” of Jeddah.


Layla Siddiqui
Dr. Suhaib Hassan's "Faith in Predestination" brings to light the nuanced understanding of destiny within Islam. This booklet is designed to navigate the often-misunderstood realm of predestination, providing young adults with a foundational grasp of how
Bilal Ahmad
Dr. Suhaib Hassan's "Faith in Predestination" offers readers a concise yet profound examination of the concept of predestination in Islam. Aimed at young adults, this booklet provides clarity on the interplay between divine will and human agency, leveragi
Amna Rashid
"Faith in Predestination" by Dr. Suhaib Hassan is a compelling exploration into an essential belief within Islam. In just 16 pages, the booklet unfolds the significance of al-Qada' wa al-Qadar, presenting the complex subject of divine decree in an access
Yusuf Al-Khalil
Through Dr. Suhaib Hassan's scholarly lens, "Faith in Predestination" offers a succinct introduction to one of Islam’s six articles of faith, addressing key philosophical questions about destiny, free will, and the wisdom behind divine decree. This bookl
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