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My First Book of Dua- English

Rational and benefits of Salat - English

Rational and benefits of Salat - English

Establish The Payers and The Prize is Paradise

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"Establish The Prayers and Prize is Paradise" unveils the profound impact of steadfast dedication to Salah, illustrating devotion through inspiring accounts of unwavering prayer commitment.

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Book Overview:

"Establish The Prayers and Prize is Paradise" is a compelling exploration of the spiritual essence and paramount importance of Salah (prayer) in a Muslim's life. Published by Darussalam, this book presents a collection of stirring narratives demonstrating the extraordinary commitment of individuals to their prayer, across lifetimes of devotion. These tales highlight the significance of responding to the Adhan (call to prayer), the profound spiritual connection experienced during Salah, and the indescribable devotion that leads believers to cherish each moment of their prayer, even in the face of death or personal loss. Through this meticulously curated collection, readers are invited to reflect on their prayer practices and inspired to deepen their commitment to this crucial pillar of Islam.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a reputed publisher globally recognized for its contribution to Islamic literature, offering a range of works from scholarly texts to spiritual reflections. Known for its commitment to authenticity and quality, Darussalam's publications aim to educate, inspire, and facilitate Muslims in deepening their understanding and practice of Islam. "Establish The Prayers and Prize is Paradise" aligns with Darussalam's mission by providing readers with a source of inspiration to enhance their spiritual lives through consistent and meaningful prayer.


Main Features:

  • Inspiring True Stories: Features accounts of individuals renowned for their exceptional dedication to establishing Salah, offering motivational insights into the depth of their faith.
  • Spiritual Reflection: Encourages readers to contemplate the role of prayer in their own lives and the potential for spiritual growth and nearness to Allah (SWT).
  • Accessible Language: Written in clear English, making it easily understandable for a wide range of readers, regardless of their background in Islamic studies.
  • Practical Insights: While predominantly narrative, the book subtly offers practical advice on enhancing one's commitment and connection to Salah.
  • Compact and Portable: With manageable weight and size, this book is ideal for both at-home reading and as a companion for spiritual reflection on the go.
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