Dua Aur Dum Kay Zariye Masnoon Elaj - Urdu دعا اور دم کے ذریعے مسنون علاج

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Look around you. You will observe that the problem of our society is that no one wants to make an effort. Everyone loves to be lazy and sluggish. No one wants to work hard in life. Our many innocent and naive brothers and sisters go to fake pare and fakeers who continue scamming them. In this highly ignorant mentality, this book serves as a guide and mentor. This book includes all the supplications that the Holy Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us. The supplications to ways to eternal success, the ways to ward off magic, cure to every disease. Read this book and get benefitted. We hope that this book acts as a solution to your current problems and helps you adopt the path to righteousness by making the noble journey to paradise easy.


Ayesha Siddiqui
This book elucidates the manners and etiquettes for making dua (supplication) and administering dawa (Islamic preaching) with clarity. It's beautifully written and provides practical advice which can be applied daily, making it an essential addition to my
Nasir Ahmed
The details in the book are comprehensive, providing a deep dive into the adab (manners) of dua and dawa. However, a more structured organization of chapters would enhance the reading experience.
Uzma Irfan
This new edition of 'Dua aur Dawa Kay Masnoon Adaab' has been an educational read that emphasizes practical adaptation of adab in daily life. A quick reference summary at the end of each chapter would make it easier to review the learned principles.
Bilal Mansoor
'Dua aur Dawa Kay Masnoon Adaab' offers in-depth insights into the practices and decorum for dua and dawa. Extensive and thorough, although some additional transliteration for non-Arabic speakers would make this perfect.
Sarah Khan
As someone involved in dawa, this book has been a valuable resource. The 'New Addition' includes updated content which is highly beneficial, especially the extended section on supplication etiquettes.
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