The Doors of Reward and Expiation of Sins

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Book Overview:

Curated by the Darussalam Research Center, "The Doors of Reward and Expiation of Sins" is an insightful treatise aimed at guiding young adults on the path of righteousness and spiritual growth. This pocket-sized booklet, spanning 32 pages, draws from authentic hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), presenting a collection of virtuous deeds that not only expiate sins but also hold immense rewards for believers. The text serves as a vital resource for Muslims seeking to deepen their understanding of Islamic principles related to sin, repentance, and the attainment of Allah's pleasure through acts of goodness.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a reputable publisher, internationally recognized for its commitment to publishing authoritative Islamic texts. The Darussalam Research Center, known for its meticulous approach to Islamic scholarship, compiles works that cater to the needs of the global Muslim community. Through publications like "The Doors of Reward and Expiation of Sins," Darussalam aims to educate Muslims about the fundamental teachings of Islam, enhancing their faith and adherence to divinely ordinated practices. This book reflects the publisher's dedication to spreading knowledge that is not only reliable but also practically applicable in the life of a believer.


Main Features:

  • Authentic Hadith Compilation: Relies on credible sources to outline actions that can lead to the expiation of sins.
  • Practical Guidance: Offers clear instructions for young adults on incorporating virtuous deeds into daily life.
  • Great Reward Emphasis: Highlights the immense blessings and rewards associated with specific Islamic practices.
  • Compact and Accessible: The booklet's small size (12x17) and straightforward language make it an easy companion for regular reference.
  • Educational Tool: Ideal for personal study or as supplementary material in Islamic education settings.


Bilal Muneer
"Door of Reward and Explanation of Sins" introduces readers to essential Islamic virtues and the process of atonement as emphasized in the authentic hadiths. This enlightening work by Darussalam Research Center enriches readers with spiritual insights and
Omar Farooqi
"Door of Reward and Explanation of Sins" serves as a concise yet profound guide on how Muslims can expiate their sins and attain great rewards, as narrated through authentic hadiths. Compiled by the Darussalam Research Center, this book illuminates the pa
Aisha Rahman
The "Door of Reward and Explanation of Sins" is a pivotal read, masterfully compiled by Darussalam's research department, offering insights into the practical aspects of seeking forgiveness and pursuing righteous deeds in Islam. This book succinctly prese
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