Dina Ballerina – My Little Muslim Friends

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Make friends with Dina!My Little Muslim Friend Dina speaks when you press her hands.

Hear Dina recite a beautiful poem about ballet on the right hand, and record your own message on the left hand!

As Salaamu Alaikum I’m Dina Ballerina!

I wake up every day with a smile on my face

I can’t wait to wear my ballet dress & walk with grace.

But first I have to brush my teeth and do wudu

it’s important to remember Allah in all that we do

I jump out of bed all dressed in pink

I’m twirling and swirling all the way to the sink.

I pray Salah with focus and ease

because I know it’s Allah that I want to please.

I love to wear my ballet shoes & do a pirouette

But the first 5 positions I always forget!

As I dance and prance on my satin toes

My heart beats so fast as I try to hold the ballet pose

I glide and slide, spin round and around

I plié and leap without making a sound

On my tippy toes I’m feeling ever so light

I practice and practice until I get it right

I feel so happy and free, but my legs are tired now

I need to stop moving and take the final bow

The stars twinkle bright at the end of the day

It’s time to hang up my ballet shoes & raise my hands to pray

I thank Allah for all the joy He brings

I thank Allah for everything

To Record:

Press and hold the doll’s left hand for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. Keep the button pressed, and start recording for up to 60 seconds. Press again to hear your very own recording!

Requires 3 “AG13” (LR44) batteries.


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