Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories

Hard, 9789389766196, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, 39, Default
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Book Overview

Delve into the miraculous world of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with your child through "Baby's First Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Stories." Encouraging young learners to discover these timeless tales has never been more enjoyable, thanks to Saniyasnain Khan's lively storytelling.

In this charming collection, each story serves as a gentle introduction to the principles and virtues embodied by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. It's more than a book—it's an engaging experience designed to ignite curiosity and teach important life lessons through beautifully told stories. Present your child with "Baby's First Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Stories" as a gift of love and wisdom. A heartwarming addition to your family's reading routine, this book is sure to inspire and educate most endearingly. 

Author Profile:

Saniyasnain Khan is a pioneer in Islamic children's literature with a dedicated mission to simplify the richness of Islamic teachings for the youngest of readers. His books are known for the ease with which they convey profound moral and spiritual lessons. Saniyasnain Khan brings expertise and love to every story, making them relatable to children across the world.

Kid-Friendly Design:

The small size of the book is perfect for children to handle and dive into reading adventures.

Illustrations that Captivate:

Each page bursts with colorful, child-engaging artwork, supporting the text and inviting imagination.

Simple and Clear Language:

Language tailored for young readers and ESL audiences, ensuring understanding and enjoyment.


  • Authored by Islamic children’s literature specialist, Saniyasnain Khan.
  • Bright and captivating illustrations on every page.
  • Simple language for children and non-native English speakers.
  • Stories that encapsulate the utmost respect for Islamic traditions.
  • This delightful book promises to become a cherished part of your child's daily reading.
  • Bring home a copy today and begin a wonderful, faith-filled story journey!


Maryam Ibrahim
This wonderful collection by Saniyasnain Khan allows parents to share the cherished stories of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with their little ones in a manner that resonates with them. 'Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories' combines simple language with meaningful
Layla Abdul-Rahman
'Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories' by Saniyasnain Khan is a tender introduction to the life and lessons of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for the youngest of readers. This compilation of 20 short stories with moral lessons and prayers is perfect for bedtime stor
Yusuf Al-Ansari
With 'Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories,' Saniyasnain Khan has created an essential starter book for every Muslim household. It eases parents into teaching their little ones about the beloved Prophet ﷺ, with lessons that promote virtues and spirituali
Noor Al-Huda
Saniyasnain Khan's book beautifully bridges the gap between Islamic history and young, curious minds. 'Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories' goes beyond simple storytelling; it engages sensory learning with rich, colorful imagery, making the Prophet's li
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