Atlas of Hajj and Umrah

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Book Overview

The "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah," compiled by Sami ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmad AL-Maghlouth, offers all the critical information needed for those undertaking the Holy expeditions of Hajj and Umrah. This comprehensive guidebook from Darussalam Publishers is designed to assist and enrich the pilgrims' journey. 

Author Bio

Compiled by Sami ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmad Al-Maghlouth, the "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah" reflects the author's expertise and understanding of the rituals and intricacies involved in these sacred journeys


This book provides:

  • Comprehensive guidance for performing Hajj and Umrah, facilitating a stress-free pilgrimage
  • Clear maps and diagrams illustrating key locations and routes
  • Detailed descriptions of rituals and rites, ensure a proper and rewarding pilgrimage experience
  • Ease of Use

Available in English and Urdu languages, this atlas aims to cater to a vast range of readers. It precisely details the necessities for the Hajj and Umrah, making it an essential guide for all pilgrims regardless of their previous familiarity with these journeys.


Yusuf Ahmed
The "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah" by Sami ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmad AL-Maghlouth is indispensable for anyone preparing for the sacred journeys of Hajj and Umrah. Its comprehensive coverage grants peace of mind, outlining each step with meticulous maps, diagrams,
Khalid Malik
Sami ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmad AL-Maghlouth's "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah" provides an unparalleled guide for these sacred rites. The book simplifies the complexities of pilgrimage with visual aids and easy-to-understand directives. It is a thorough, practical
Fatima Al-Hassan
Embarking on Hajj or Umrah is a monumental task, but the "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah" demystifies the journey. Sami ibn Abdullah ibn Ahmad AL-Maghlouth has meticulously compiled a guide that feels like an experienced friend taking you by the hand. Clear illu
Amina Rashid
The detailed "Atlas of Hajj and Umrah" is akin to a beacon, guiding the faithful through the physical and spiritual aspects of these holy pilgrimages. It goes beyond mere logistics, enshrining the profound significance of every rite and prayer. The exhaus
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