Arabic Memory Game

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Arabic Memory Game Overview

Enjoy learning with the fun-filled Arabic Memory Game by renowned author Saniyasnain Khan. Perfect for kids, this interactive game allows them to grasp the Arabic alphabet seamlessly with beautifully designed memory cards. It's great for improving recognition skills, and making learning a rewarding journey!

Key Features:

  • Consists of 56 cards, each aesthetically illustrated.
  • Enhances matching skills.
  • Encourages object and alphabet recognition.
  • A fun activity that can be engaged in by multiple players.


Aisha Al-Sarraj
"Arabic Memory Game" captivates young minds into a world of engaging learning. The beautifully crafted memory cards, adorned with the Arabic alphabet, take learning a step beyond by enhancing recognition and matching skills. Foremost, the game is tons of
Ibrahim Al-Saeed
The "Arabic Memory Game" provides a delightful way for kids to learn the Arabic alphabet. The beautifully illustrated cards cultivate recognition and matching skills, fostering an engaging learning experience. A fantastic addition to the educational resou
Sarah Al-Khalifa
The "Arabic Memory Game" transforms the learning process into an enjoyable activity. Brilliantly illustrated cards engage kids and boost their alphabet recognition skills. This game ensures learning is no longer a chore, but an exciting journey.
Fatima Marwan
The "Arabic Memory Game" fuses learning with play, introducing the Arabic alphabet in a refreshing, interactive way. It ensures that learning is not a monotonous process, but a vibrant and engaging journey. Highly recommended for young learners!
Abdullah Al-Maliki
This "Arabic Memory Game" wonderfully takes on the challenge of teaching the Arabic alphabet to young learners. Through beautifully designed cards, the game effortlessly enhances alphabet recognition skills while keeping kids entertained. A must-have reso
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