Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle

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The Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle is an innovative, educational tool designed to make learning the Arabic alphabet an enjoyable and interactive experience for children. This delightful floor puzzle not only introduces children to the 28 letters of the Arabic script but also helps them associate each letter with corresponding English and Arabic words.

Author Bio:

Saniyasnain Khan is a prolific author and creator of engaging children's educational materials. His work is devoted to developing creative approaches that lead young minds on a journey of educational discovery, particularly in the context of Islamic teachings and language. An advocate for interactive learning, Khan's Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle represents his vision to combine fun with functional learning tools.

Main Features:

  • Features a full set of 28 Arabic letters in a large, easy-to-handle floor puzzle format.
  • Includes 20 extra-thick cardboard pieces designed with beautiful, child-friendly artwork.
  • Each piece is coated with an easy-clean surface to ensure longevity and durability.
  • Promotes cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and memory.
  • The assembled puzzle measures 28 by 44 cm, providing a sizable play area for individual or group activity.
  • A unique educational toy that offers a fun search-and-find game, enhancing language learning and alphabet sequencing.
  • Ideal for preschoolers and early learners, facilitating an early love for languages and linguistics.


Olivia Khan
The Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle is a hit in our household! Not only is it a high-quality educational resource for learning the Arabic language, but it also provides a fantastic puzzle challenge for my children. As a parent aiming to instill bilingual ski
Ayesha Mahmood
The Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle from Goodword is an interactive and enjoyable gateway for children to learn Arabic. My little ones are engaged and excited to piece together the beautifully illustrated letters, enhancing their Arabic and English vocabular
Hassan Qureshi
Saniyasnain Khan’s Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle is an ingenious educational device that has turned language learning into a joyous activity for my kids. They eagerly assemble the puzzle, which strengthens their understanding of the Arabic alphabet and lea
Layla Asad
The Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle is a wonderful tool that combines fun with education. My children have been captivated by assembling the 28 Arabic letters, which has helped them not only in improving their language skills but also in developing essential
Adam Patel
As an educator, I find the Arabic Alphabet Floor Puzzle to be a brilliant learning method, cleverly designed to captivate children’s attention. It cleverly meshes the Arabic script learning with physical activity, ensuring the children enjoy movement whil
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