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Book Overview:

"Alhamdulillah Book 5: Stairway to Heaven" is a brilliant addition to the enchanting "Stairway to Heaven" series crafted by Manal Shehab, with the vibrant artwork of Zeynep Haydan. This book is designed to instill a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation in young hearts toward the countless blessings bestowed by Allah. As the fifth installment in a collection of eight board books, each volume presents a unique Islamic concept through engaging narratives and colorful illustrations. "Alhamdulillah" is no exception, encouraging children to recognize and express gratefulness in their daily lives.

Author Bio:

Manal Shehab, an esteemed writer, has garnered acclaim for her contributions to Islamic children's literature. Her "Stairway to Heaven" series is a testament to her dedication to fostering an early connection between young hearts and the teachings of Islam. Coupled with Zeynep Haydan's expressive illustrations, Shehab's books invite children into a world where learning about Islam is an adventure filled with joy and enlightenment. Through her works, Shehab aims to plant the seeds of faith, gratitude, and compassion in the fertile minds of the young generation.


Main Features:

  • Engaging Islamic Concepts: Focuses on the importance of saying "Alhamdulillah," enhancing children's understanding of gratitude.
  • Stunning Illustrations: Zeynep Haydan's artwork brings the story and its lessons to life with captivating, colorful visuals.
  • Rhyming Texts: Easily memorizable rhymes that convey meaningful messages in a fun and engaging way.
  • Quality Bonding Time: Offers parents and children an opportunity to explore and discuss Islamic values together.
  • Part of an Engaging Series: The fifth book in a series that covers various aspects of Islamic etiquette and beliefs, enriching young minds.


Sara Abdulaziz
"Alhamdulillah Book 5: Stairway to Heaven" is a wonderful addition to any young Muslim's library, masterfully blending Manal Shehab’s insightful storytelling with Zeynep Haydan’s vivid illustrations. This book, part of a cherished series, does more than t
Yusuf Al-Fahim
In "Alhamdulillah Book 5: Stairway to Heaven," readers are invited to embark on a vibrant journey of gratitude and appreciation, as seen through the lens of Islamic faith. The book's engaging rhymes and illustrations not only entertain but also teach valu
Ameena Hamid
"Alhamdulillah Book 5: Stairway to Heaven" brilliantly captures the essence of thankfulness through its engaging narrative and striking imagery. The collaborative effort of Manal Shehab and Zeynep Haydan has once again produced a book that is not just a v
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