Al Quran Al Kareem 15 lines

Hard, Darussalam, urdu, 17x24
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"Al Quran Al Kareem 15 Lines (208)" is an elegant presentation of the Holy Quran, designed specifically for ease of reading and recitation. This particular edition features 15 lines per page in a clean and standard Urdu font, accommodating readers of varying levels of proficiency.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a reputable and trusted publisher known for producing high-quality Islamic literature. Their publications aim to cater to Muslims across the globe, providing resources that support the understanding and practice of Islamic teachings. Through careful consideration of design and usability, Darussalam ensures that this edition of the Holy Quran meets the needs of readers and reciters alike.


Main Features:

  1. It comes in a standard 17x24 size that is both easy to handle and read.
  2. The Quran is laid out in a very reader-friendly format, with 15 lines per page, making the text large enough to read comfortably.
  3. This edition is bound in a hardcover with a beautiful green design, ensuring durability and an aesthetically pleasing look.
  4. The clear and standard font enhances readability for longer periods, important for both daily use and special occasions.
  5. A perfect companion for huffaz and those familiar with the 15-line format, it aids in memorization and review.


Aisha Iqbal
Darussalam's presentation of the Holy Quran with 15 lines per page has been a blessing. The distinct Urdu font and the easy-to-read layout greatly enhance the recitation experience. The hardy and beautiful aesthetic only adds to its charm.
Yasir Farooq
The 15-lined "Al Quran Al Kareem" from Darussalam is meticulously crafted. For both memorization and regular reading, this edition proves to be an indispensable tool. It strikes a balance between readability and portability, a worthy addition to any Musli
Noor Ahmed
The "Al Quran Al Kareem 15 Lines" edition from Darussalam has truly transformed my recitation practice. With clear print and user-friendly 15 line format, it paves the way for a heartfelt connection with the Quran. Its hardcover design also ensures it sta
Bilal Hussain
This Darussalam edition of the Holy Quran exemplifies clarity and elegance. The 15-line format at a size that's perfect for readability offers a gratifying experience for every reader, enhancing both understanding and reflection on the verses.
Fatimah Khan
The design of this Quran, with its 15 lines and clear Urdu font, is ideal for huffaz seeking to memorize or review. The durable hardcover and elegant look make it both a practical and visually appealing choice for daily use.
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