Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah (An Introduction to Tajweed)

Soft, 9786035003179, Darussalam, Qari Muhammad Idress Asim, english, 112, 17x24
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Book Overview:

"Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah" is an essential manual for any English-speaking Muslim eager to learn Quranic recitation with correct Tajweed. Provided by Darussalam, it is tailored to simplify the intricate rules of Tajweed, making them accessible to learners at all levels. With detailed explanations and practical exercises, this book invites readers to immerse themselves in the art of melodic recitation, enhancing their spiritual connection with the Holy Quran.

About The Author:

Qari Muhammad Idrees Asim is distinguished for his profound knowledge of the art of Qur'anic recitation and his expertise in the science of Tajweed. As a seasoned Qari, he has dedicated himself to teaching and promoting the correct pronunciation of the Quran, ensuring that the beauty of its recitation is preserved and passed down through generations.

Main Features:

  • Color-coded illustrations within the book help differentiate between various pronunciation rules, making the learning process interactive and memorable.
  • Designed with beginners in mind, the content also supports advanced students by progressing into detailed Tajweed applications and Quranic information.
  • The book lays out essential instructions for teachers and structured lessons for students, fostering an effective environment for learning and teaching Tajweed.
  • Written by the knowledgeable Qari Muhammad Idrees Asim, "Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah" serves as a fundamental guide to understanding and applying the principles of Tajweed with lucid explanations and practical imagery.


Abdullah Al-Fiqi
"Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah" is an essential text for Muslims seeking to fulfill their duty of reciting the Quran properly. It's a testament to the importance of continual practice and adherence to Tajweed's discipline, facilitating a journey toward an inc
Idris Mahmoud
"Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah" provides a foundational guide for Muslims embarking on the journey of perfecting their Quranic recitation. Emphasizing the obligatory nature of accurate Quranic reading, this book outlines the rules and techniques of Tajweed, p
Zainab Hassan
The art of Tajweed is made accessible to learners of all levels through "Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah." This concise English softcover serves as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to enhance their recital with the beauty and precision that the Qur'an'
Aisha Abdul-Rahim
Ideal for both beginners and those looking to refine their recitation skills, "Al-Qaaidah Al-Quraaniyyah" stands out as a pivotal learning tool that marries traditional Tajweed rules with modern pedagogical insights. This book encapsulates the soulful exp

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