Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir )

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Book Overview

The scholars of the Ummah have created valuable works related to the subjects, meanings, commandments, and rulings of the Noble Quran, etc.

The best interpretations are those in which guidance has been taken from the Qur'an itself, from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the noble companions (may Allah be pleased with them), the eminent imams, and the righteous predecessors (may Allah have mercy upon them). Pure rationality and philosophical speculation.

  • Tafsir Ibn Kathir exemplifies this superior methodology.
  • In Tafsir Ibn Kathir, the verses are presented as Istishhad as if the Qur'anic verses were compiled in thematic order.
  • In Ibn Kathir Quran Tafsir, the number of statements of the Prophet, peace be upon him, is 7629 and the number of sayings of the Salaf exceeds 5000.

To convey the benefits of this commentary to everyone, Darussalam, Al-Riyadh has summarized it and named it "Al-Musbah Al-Munir", and later translated it into Urdu and English.

Major Highlights:

Some special Characteristics of Al-Misbah al-Muneer fi Tahdhib Tafsir Ibn Kathir:

    • Citation of verses, hadiths, statements, etc. below the tafsir text.
    • Establishment of headings based on the content at the beginning of each volume.
    • Introduction of personalities, places, and locations.
    • Mention of sources and references.
    • The use of colors (color scheme) enhances the style of the tafsir and makes it more appealing and modern.

About the Author:

Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir is hailed as one of the most esteemed and reputable scholars in Islamic history. Rooted in religious enlightenment, having devoted the entirety of his life to scholarly pursuits, he has cemented his place in history as an acclaimed historian, seer, interpreter of the Quran, and an esteemed propagator of the Islamic faith.


Mohammed Al Mansouri
This Tafsir carries the reader on a vibrant journey through the Quran's sacred verses. A gem of enlightenment, Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir) provides an enriching perspective to one's understanding of the Quran.
Abdullah Al Nahyan
Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir) is a powerful deep-dive into Quranic interpretation, filled with guidance and teachings that are crucial to the Islamic faith. Its striking layout and comprehensive references add a level of simplicity and ease t
Fatma Al Qasimi
Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir is a meaningful exploration of Islamic teachings. Its intricate detailing in Quranic interpretations along with its thoughtful layout makes it an enthralling read.
Omar Kassim
Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir) offers an in-depth and enlightening analysis of the Noble Quran's interpretations. Its easy-to-comprehend structure and modern style make it a must-read for believers with an insatiable thirst for Islamic knowled
Sara Al Ghurair
This book serves as an invaluable source of knowledge for the ardent followers of Islam. Its profound Tafsir, coupled with a visually appealing color scheme, makes its teachings accessible and engaging.
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