Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir )

Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir )

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Noble Quran - Hard Cover - 14x21 - Spanish

Al Fowaid ul Hassaan - 3 Volume Set

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"Al Fowaid ul Hassan" is a three-volume Arabic compendium offering essential Quranic insights and reflections.

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SKU A10192
Weight 1.500000
Language Arabic
Age Groups Adults
Pages 1746
Author(s) Abdullah bin M. Mutaz
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 17x24
Book Cover Hard

Book Overview:  

"Al Fowaid ul Hassaan" is a significant work in the field of Islamic scholarship, bringing together three volumes of profound Quranic knowledge and wisdom. Authored by Abdullah Bin M. Mutaz, this collection spanning 1,746 pages delves into the intricacies and subtleties of the Quran, presenting them in a manner that is both deep in meaning and accessible for contemplation. The hardcover set is an indispensable resource for young adults and scholars seeking to enhance their understanding and connection with the Holy Book.

Author Bio:  

Abdullah Bin M. Mutaz stands as a notable scholar in the realm of Islamic studies, specifically known for his work on Quranic exegesis. While details on the author's biography are not specified in the product description, his contribution to this three-volume set indicates a profound engagement with the Quran and a commitment to elucidating its teachings. His work reflects a combination of academic dedication and a deep-seated reverence for the Quran, aiming to make its wisdom accessible to a wide audience.


Main Features:  

  • Extensive work divided across three volumes, providing an in-depth exploration of Quranic concepts.
  • Authored in the Arabic language, touching the essence of original Quranic expression.
  • Total weight of 1.5 kg, indicating the heft and comprehensive nature of the scholarly work.
  • Hardback editions measured at 17X24 cm for a substantial and reader-friendly experience.
  • Offers valuable insights suitable for personal study, teaching, and scholarly reference.
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