Abu Bakr Siddiq - The First Caliph of Islam

Hard, 9788178985442, Goodword, SR. Nafees khan, english, 49, Default
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Book Overview:

Embark on a captivating journey through the life of Abu Bakr Siddiq, Islam's First Caliph, in this eloquent biography by SR. Nafees Khan. Dive into the following key aspects:

Golden Heart of a Wealthy Soul:

  • Witness Abu Bakr's transformation from affluence to embracing Islam.
  • Explore his renowned generosity and impeccable character.

Champion of the Oppressed:

  • Discover Abu Bakr's selfless defense and support of fellow Muslims.
  • Learn about his noble acts, including liberating the first Muazzin, Bilal Habashi.

Faithful Companion and Confidant:

  • Uncover Abu Bakr's unshakable faith in Prophet Muhammad and their unparalleled companionship.

       Sacrifices for Tabuk Expedition:

  • Experience the devotion as Abu Bakr contributes his entire wealth for the Tabuk expedition.
  • Witness his poignant declaration of trust in Allah and the Prophet.

Illustrated Beauty: This biography is adorned with beautiful illustrations, enhancing the reading experience and bringing the narrative to life.

Abu Bakr Siddiq - The First Caliph of Islam is not just a book; it's a heartfelt exploration of faith, sacrifice, and unwavering devotion—a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration from the life of one of Islam's most illustrious leaders.

About the Author:

SR. Nafees Khan, with eloquence and simplicity, brings to life the extraordinary journey of Abu Bakr Siddiq. As an author, Khan skillfully navigates through historical events, providing a vivid and easy-to-understand account of this revered figure in Islam.


Fatima Hussein
From his generous character to unwavering faith in Prophet Muhammad, the depiction of Abu Bakr Siddiq's life is deeply inspirational. The author has done a commendable job of conveying deep historical events with easy-to-understand narration.
Jalaluddin Khaled
This eloquent biography of Abu Bakr Siddiq has captivated my interest right from the start. Each aspect of his life is covered with great detail and clarity, making it a go-to resource for understanding one of Islam's illustrious leaders.
Ahmed Iqbal
This book goes beyond being just a biography. It is a heartfelt exploration of faith, sacrifice, and devotion. The beautiful illustrations only add to the charm of this eloquent narrative.
Samiullah Khan
'Abu Bakr Siddiq - The First Caliph of Islam' offers an enlightening journey through one of Islam's prominent figures. SR. Nafees Khan has eloquently illustrated his transformation and sacrifices, making it a captivating read.
Uzma Malik
SR. Nafees Khan's account of Abu Bakr Siddiq's life is a must-read for anyone interested in Islamic history. His depiction of Abu Bakr Siddiq as a champion of the oppressed is insightful and intriguing.
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