A Treasury Of Islamic Values For Children

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Book Overview:

This enlightening and heartwarming book, designed especially for children, is really a gem in the field of religious and value-based literature. The book, written by TAJWAR HASSAN, garners its immense worth from the moral and ethical values it introduces to young readers, shaping their character and daily life scenarios from an Islamic perspective.

Key Features:

All-encompassing Islamic Morality: This book drives into the vast ocean of Islamic moral values, thereby encouraging children to cultivate honesty, kindness, respect, and many other virtues in their daily habits.

Easy Understanding: It maintains a simplistic and comprehensive language, which makes it easier for children and even adults to comprehend the deep connotations of Islamic teachings.

Stories & Examples: Inspiring stories and examples are an integral part of the book, making the reading experience more engaging and the lessons more relatable for children.

Inclusive Learning: A unique feature is its ability to cater to both Muslim children and any others interested in learning about Islamic values.

About The Author:

TAJWAR HASSAN is a renowned author specializing in Islamic literature for children. Her writing is esteemed for its simplicity and comprehensibility, making profound Islamic teachings accessible to young minds.

She has made significant contributions to children's literature, aiming to imbue moral and ethical lessons deeply rooted in Islamic values.


Amina Yusuf
This book is a beautiful guide for children to understand and adopt Islamic moral values. Its relatable stories and examples make it a fun learning process for my children.
Idris Khan
'A Treasury of Islamic Values for Children' offers a unique and inspiring blend of education and moral lessons. Every story is a gem with valuable life lessons and moral takeaways.
Abdul Malik
'A Treasury of Islamic Values for Children' is a must-have for shaping the moral compass of children. The simplicity of language used ensures easy understanding and makes profound Islamic teachings accessible to young minds.
Fatima Zahra
This book, crafted specially for children, makes for an ideal gift that continues to impart value long after the pages are turned. Its engaging stories and lessons are enriching and encouraging, making it a precious resource for every child.
Noor Faisal
This incredible collection of 20 stories subtly introduces essential Islamic values to children. The lessons are easily comprehensible and catch the attention of the little ones, making learning enjoyable.
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