A Teeny Weeny Lie

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Book Overview:

" A Teeny Weeny Lie," written by Shazia Nazlee, is a thought-provoking book that addresses the consequences of lying through a story that resonates with teenagers. This book, available in English and featuring a softcover design for a lightweight and portable reading experience, is the perfect size for young readers to carry around.

About Author:

Shazia Nazlee is known for her engaging writing style that captivates the young audience. Her stories are not only entertaining but also filled with moral and ethical guidance aligned with educational objectives. 


  • Crafted to capture the imagination and attention of teens.
  • Its softcover format and convenient size make it an excellent companion for travel or leisurely reading.
  • Teaches the importance of honesty through a relatable storyline.
  • Darussalam, a trusted name in publishing, assures quality content for its readers.

Invite your teenager to explore the subtle nuances of truth with "A Teeny Weeny Lie." This book not only serves as a captivating story but also as a starting point for discussions about values such as honesty and the consequences of our actions. It's an essential read for any young person learning to navigate the complexities of growing up with integrity.


Saad Abdullah
Shazia Nazlee's "A Teeny Weeny Lie" delves into the importance of honesty in a teenager's journey of self-discovery and integrity. The book's portability and soft cover make it an ideal fit for young readers, furthering Darussalam's commitment to quality
Noor Al-Hayat
The story "A Teeny Weeny Lie" addresses the impactful theme of honesty through a relatable and absorbing tale penned by the distinguished author, Shazia Nazlee. Designed for teens, this book is an instrumental tool for parents and educators to discuss the
Hana Mansour
A Teeny Weeny Lie" by Shazia Nazlee is a compelling narrative crafted to impart a profound ethical lesson on the significance of truth. This engaging story is exquisitely placed against the backdrop of everyday teenage life, serving as a mirror to reflect
Aaliyah Khair
Shazia Nazlee presents "A Teeny Weeny Lie," a creative expedition into the consequences of dishonesty. This inviting book for teenagers is not just a casual read; it's a guiding narrative that subtly lays the foundation for building character rooted in t
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