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A Muslim Child’s Way of Life by Darussalam is an interesting booklet for children. It explains the importance of the verse la ilaaha illallaah and what position it should hold in their life. Since the book is developed for the children, it features very easy to understand English text along with easy explanations of verses of the Noble Quran and Sunnah. It teaches Muslim children about Islam and how it is a proper way of living a successful life.


Noura Al-Hassan
‘A Muslim Child Way of Life’ offers a comprehensive overview of a Muslim's responsibilities, beliefs, and practices through a child-friendly lens. The incorporation of cultural diversity and global Muslim perspectives is a highlight, though expanding on t
Amir Rashid
The substance of 'A Muslim Child Way of Life' is solid, offering clear explanations and valuable lessons tailored for children. However, the book's layout and design could be improved for better readability and engagement, especially for a younger audienc
Sarah Yassin
'A Muslim Child Way of Life' strikes a fine balance between being educational and interactive, encouraging children to actively engage with their faith. While the content is rich and beneficial, additional illustrations and visual aids could further enhan
Huda Fahim
'A Muslim Child Way of Life' is a brilliantly crafted book that serves as a foundational guide for young Muslims exploring their faith. Its easy-to-understand lessons on Islamic principles are wonderfully interwoven with stories and examples that resonate
Khalid Abbas
This book is an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike, offering practical advice on integrating Islamic teachings into daily life. The engaging narrative and thoughtful activities make learning enjoyable for children, fostering a love for Is
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