A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam - English

Soft, 9789960892993, Darussalam, Al-Arabi Abu Hamzah, english, 80, 14x21
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This publication is a summary of different facets of Islam which are briefly and beautifully introduced. Every aspect and every perspective of it gives guidance and wisdom something for all times and all places,a master key that fits every lock-that is what Islam is.


Bilal Hassan
A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam is an inspiring and thoughtful exploration of the core tenets of our faith. The author's approach is both genuine and heartfelt, making it a valuable read for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Highly recommended!
Zainab Ali
A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam is beautifully expressive in capturing the essence of our faith. The author's eloquent writing style makes it an enjoyable read. While it doesn't delve into every detail, it successfully conveys the spiritual beauty of Isl
Aisha Farouq
The book offers a glimpse, but it lacks the depth needed for a comprehensive understanding of Islam. It touches on key aspects but falls short in providing a thorough exploration. Recommended for those seeking a very basic introduction.
Fatima Abdullah
While the book provides a decent overview, it tends to oversimplify certain aspects of Islam. A more nuanced approach would cater to readers seeking a deeper understanding. However, for beginners, it serves as a basic introduction to the beauty of our rel
Ahmed Khan
A Glimpse at the Beauty of Islam is a captivating introduction to the essence of our faith. The book beautifully navigates through the fundamental principles, making it accessible to readers of all levels. A perfect starting point for those curious about
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