A Book of Numbers 1 to 10

Soft, Darussalam, Halima Hussein, english, 24, 17x24
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Overview: A Book of Numbers 1 to 10

Uncover the enchanting world of numbers through the innovative 'Amazing Creation' series. This book ingeniously introduces early numerals in a manner that sparks children's curiosity and imagination. Through vibrant visuals and interactive storytelling, young readers embark on a delightful journey of numerical discovery. It's a perfect blend of education and entertainment, designed to make numerical concepts accessible and exciting for kids. 

About The Author

Discover "A Book of Numbers 1-10" by Halima Hussein, a unique educational resource by Darussalam Publishers.


  • Suitable for children aged 3 and above, this book offers a fun and interactive approach to learning numbers.

Order your copy of "A Book of Numbers 1-10" today and give your child a valuable tool for learning and development.

Introducing "A Book of Numbers 1-10" by Halima Hussein, a delightful educational resource specifically designed for children.

Published by Darussalam Publishers, a renowned international Institution dedicated to promoting the Book and Sunnah.

This unique book offers a refreshing Islamic approach to learning numbers, enabling children to simultaneously acquire religious knowledge and worldly skills.

Designed to make learning a fun and interactive experience, each number is introduced through relatable examples and beautiful artwork.

By incorporating Islamic values and teachings, this book helps children develop a strong foundation in both religion and mathematics.

Whether at home or in a classroom setting, "A Book of Numbers 1-10" provides an ideal platform for children to master counting skills while deepening their understanding of Islam.

With its comprehensive and age-appropriate content, this book is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Give your child a head start in their education and spiritual growth with this engaging and thoughtfully crafted book.


As an educator, I highly recommend this book for early numeracy skills. The clear numbers, vibrant colors, and engaging activities make it an ideal tool for introducing counting concepts in a playful and effective manner.
A Book of Numbers 1 to 10" seamlessly combines education and fun. Each page is a new adventure for my child, fostering a love for learning numbers. The durable construction ensures it withstands the enthusiasm of little hands.
This book is an engaging introduction to numbers for young children. The colorful visuals and interactive format make it an effective way to teach counting. My kids love it, and it has become a bedtime favorite.
A Book of Numbers 1 to 10" is a delightful and educational tool for toddlers. The vibrant colors and engaging illustrations make learning numbers a joy for little ones. A must-have for early childhood development.
This book makes learning numbers enjoyable for my little one. The interactive elements and bright colors capture her attention, turning what could be a mundane lesson into a fun and educational experience. Highly recommended for parents and teachers alike
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