A Biography of the Prophet of Islam (2 Volume Set)

Hard, 9789960969022, Darussalam Publishers, english, 936, 14x21
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Book Overview: 

A Biography of the Prophet of Islam 2 Volume Set is a comprehensive narrative that chronicles the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with precise historical detail and reflective insights. This biography stands out for its strict adherence to the authenticity of sources and contextual relevance. The work not only narrates the profound events of the Prophet’s life but also correlates them to contemporary times, allowing readers to draw parallels and lessons applicable to modern struggles and spiritual journeys.

About the Publisher:

Darussalam is reputed for its reliable and scholarly Islamic publications, providing readers with texts steeped in authenticity and educational value. This biography is part of Darussalam's extensive collection that brings together crucial aspects of Islamic knowledge, history, and scholarship in an accessible format. Known for high-quality publishing standards, Darussalam is a trusted name among those seeking to deepen their understanding of Islamic history and the exemplary life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Main Features:

  • Comprehensive two-volume set detailing the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Utilizes sources with extensive footnotes to ensure authenticity.
  • Connects the life of the Prophet with modern circumstances, offering valuable insights.
  • Scholarly yet accessible, with 936 pages of content catered towards adult readers.
  • Deluxe hardcover edition sized at 14x21 for a durable and esteemed library addition.
  • Weighing in at 1.4 kg, these volumes are both robust in scholarship and physical form.


Bilal Ahmad
"A Biography of the Prophet of Islam" is an authentic and heart-engaging portrayal of the Prophet (PBUH), meticulously compiled with scholarly commentary and insightful lessons for our times. The rich details and profound narrative make these volumes a mu
Omar Abdullah
"A Biography of the Prophet of Islam 2 Volume Set" offers a distinctive narrative of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life, distinguished by its adherence to sources and scholarly rigor. The extensive footnotes not only authenticate each detail but also brid
Yasmin Mogahed
Through this two-volume biography, readers are granted access to the meticulous journey of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), enriched with extensive research and authoritative references. Each page offers a gateway to the Prophetic virtues, striving to connect
Sarah Jameel
This biography transcends a mere chronological account by weaving the Prophet's life events with modern-day parallels, inviting readers to extract practical wisdom. The set stands out for its meticulous sourcing, making it a trustworthy resource for reade
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