365 Sahabah Stories

Hard, 9789351790013, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, 257, Default
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More About 365 Sahabah Stories Book

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the pages of "365 Sahabah Stories," a captivating book that reveals the beauty and wisdom of the Sahabah in a way that's both fun and meaningful for young readers. With its vibrant illustrations and engaging storytelling, this book is not just a collection of stories but a portal that transports children into the world of the Prophet's Companions, allowing them to experience their journeys, struggles, and triumphs firsthand.

Through the eyes of author Saniyasnain Khan, you'll witness the Sahabah come to life in a way that's relatable, accessible, and inspiring. Each story is carefully crafted to convey important life lessons and Islamic values, teaching children the significance of honesty, kindness, courage, and perseverance.

About the Author:

Saniyasnain Khan is the celebrated author of '365 Sahabah Stories'. A master of engaging storytelling, Khan has found a way to make religious teachings accessible and appealing to a young demographic. His writing is marked by clarity, simplicity, and a keen ability to translate complex historical and moral lessons into narratives that resonate with children.

Highlights of The Book

    1. Discover the Sahabah’s inspiring stories and their impact on Islamic history and culture.
    2. Experience the joy of learning through engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations.
    3. Develop a deep appreciation for the Prophet's Companions and their contributions to Islam.
    4. Find opportunities to apply the lessons learned from the stories in everyday life.
    5. Enjoy a transformative reading experience that leaves a lasting impression on young minds and hearts.

'365 Sahabah Stories' is more than just a book – it's a journey that will change the way your child sees the world and their place within it. So why wait? Join us on this incredible adventure today and watch your child grow into a compassionate, confident, and inspired individual. 


Samuel Ibrahim
The '365 Sahabah Stories' by Saniyasnain Khan has been a wonderful source of learning for my children. It masterfully weaves lessons of honesty, courage, and kindness into captivating stories that both educate and inspire. The valuable insights into the l
Layla Yusuf
If there ever was a book that could make the lives of Prophet's companions come alive for young readers, it's Saniyasnain Khan's '365 Sahabah Stories'. What a profound impact it's had on our family! The beautifully crafted stories adorned with vibrant ill
Fatima Ahmed
This book, '365 Sahabah Stories', is an absolute treasure! Our family loves how the book paints a captivating picture of the Sahabah's lives—showing their struggles, triumphs, and unyielding faith in a way that my children find relatable. The gripping nar
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