365 Prophet Muhammad Stories

Hard, Goodword, Saniyasnain Khan, english, 414, 17x24
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Book Overview:

'365 Prophet Muhammad Stories' by Saniyasnain Khan is a vibrant and illustrated narrative that offers a story for each day of the year from the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Aimed primarily at young readers, this book is designed to provide an exciting and easily understood journey through significant events and teachings of the Prophet's life. With simplicity in language and richness in visual depictions, these stories aim to instill love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the hearts of children and adults alike. 

Author Bio:

Saniyasnain Khan is a renowned author in the field of Islamic children's literature, with numerous books that seek to impart the essence of Islamic teachings through engaging stories. His work is highly regarded for its ability to simplify complex religious narratives, making them accessible and enjoyable for a younger audience. Khan's storytelling prowess brings Islamic history to life, offering profound insights in a way that resonates with the curious minds of children and nurtures their spiritual growth. 

Main Features:

  • Presents 365 chronological stories from the Prophet's life, allowing for consistent educational engagement.
  • Ideal for children, with language and storytelling methods tailored to their level of understanding.
  • Filled with delightful, full-color illustrations that complement the text and captivate young imaginations.
  • Helps instill moral values and Islamic ethics through the example of the Prophet (PBUH).
  • Offers a family-friendly way to learn about the seerah, suitable for reading and discussion.
  • Serves both as a daily learning tool and an introduction to the seerah for readers of all ages.


Bilal Ibn Rabah
"365 Prophet Muhammad Stories" offers a heartwarming chance to walk through the Prophet Muhammad’s life, one day at a time. It serves not just as an educational recourse but as a daily reminder of the virtues and teachings pivotal to Islamic faith, portra
Amina Al-Fihri
This book provides a unique opportunity for children to learn about the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad, with captivating storytelling that spans a full year. Each page holds a separate story, adorned with illustrations, intertwining the historical sig
Hasan Al-Basri
Immerse the family in the life of the Prophet Muhammad through this illustrative and easy-to-read compilation of stories. The book can act as a bedrock for daily teaching moments, ideal for parents and educators seeking to impart the wisdom of Islam's mos
Safiya Bint Huyayy
"365 Prophet Muhammad Stories" is a visually stunning and educational collection, offering a story for each day of the year about the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Perfect for engaging children in the seerah in a daily, delightful format, the book makes
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