30 Hadith for Children (Age 6 - 12)

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Book Overview:

"30 Hadith for Children Ages 6 - 12" by Sakinah Mohamad Alhabshi is carefully crafted to introduce young learners to the profound sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The book breaks down 30 significant hadiths into easily digestible explanations, ensuring that the essence of these teachings is both comprehensible and relatable to the children’s daily lives. Alongside each hadith is a ‘Discussion Corner’ that encourages interactive learning, allowing parents and educators to engage in meaningful conversations with children about the lessons to be learned and their practical applications.

Author Bio:

Sakinah Mohamad Alhabshi is an author who specializes in Islamic educational materials for children, known for her ability to adapt complex religious texts into engaging formats suited for young learners. She utilizes her expertise to foster a deep understanding of Islamic principles in an age-appropriate manner. Alhabshi's approach often involves discussions and participative elements that not only educate but also create an interactive environment for children to express their thoughts and grasp the practicality of Islamic teachings.


Main Features:

  • A selection of 30 foundational hadiths tailored for children's understanding.
  • Clear and engaging explanations that relate the teachings to contemporary life.
  • Engages children with 'Discussion Corner' sections for reflective and interactive learning experiences.
  • A softcover book designed with vivid, child-friendly fonts and illustrations that appeal to young readers.
  • Supports moral and spiritual growth by connecting young hearts with the timeless guidance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • Weighs 0.219 kg, an indicator of a concise and focused teaching resource.


Zara Iqbal
30 Hadith for Children Ages 6 - 12" masterfully distills the essence of the Hadith into easy-to-understand messages ideal for kids. The interactive discussions included in each chapter help to instill these timeless teachings into practical everyday appli
Layla Hussein
"30 Hadith for Children Ages 6 - 12" is a thoughtfully constructed book that brings the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to life for young readers. With its engaging "Discussion Corner," it invites an interactive and practical approach to learning, making
Ahmad Hamid
This book is an excellent starting point for children to begin understanding the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad. Written with simplicity and clarity, it provides a solid foundation for young Muslims to learn important values and teachings of Islam, contri
Yusuf Rahman
This enriching book simplifies the profound Hadiths of the Prophet for young minds, paving a way to embrace Islam's teachings at an early age. The interactive elements and accessible language make it a valuable educational resource for Muslim children, of
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