20 Hadith for Kids

Soft, 9786035002103, Darussalam, Molvi Abdul Aziz, english, 64, 17x24
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Book Overview:

A masterpiece designed exclusively for children, the"20 Hadith for Kids"by Molvi Abdul Aziz, is an enriching read that introduces young minds to the timeless wisdom of Islam.

This children's book breaks new ground by presenting the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a succinct, yet profound manner that resonates with the curious minds of young learners.

The book serves as an ideal short introductory guide to the Hadiths, the authentic explanations, and the elaborations of the Word of Allah. Its conciseness and unique approach make it the best children’s book on hadiths, catering specifically to the learning needs of young minds.

The book fits perfectly into the genre of Children's Islamic Learning. It bridges the gap between the profound wisdom of Islam and the understanding capabilities of young readers, making it an ideal starting point for children beginning their journey into Islamic teachings.

This book is easy and exciting to read. Kids can learn about Islam in a simple way. Even parents can learn and discuss the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with their children. This makes the book a great tool to learn about Islam.

What is in the Book?

    • The book talks about what Hadiths are. It says why they are important in Islam.
    • The book tells 20 Hadiths. These Hadiths are told in a way that kids can understand.
    • Every Hadith in the book has a moral lesson to learn. These lessons tell about good values like honesty, kindness, and respect.
    • After each Hadith, the book asks a question. This helps to understand the Hadith better.
    • The book has pictures also. These pictures help to understand the Hadiths better.

About the Author:

Maulavi Abdul Aziz is a well-respected scholar and author whose significant contribution has been to write Islamic literature for children. His substantial understanding of Islam and clarity of expression make his books relatable for kids. He is loved by many for simplifying complex principles of Islam—making it easy for young minds to understand and follow.


Hassan Abbas
This book presents a unique format, narrating deep Islamic teachings in a child-friendly manner. '20 Hadith for Kids' gracefully simplifies complex lessons, making it an excellent source for children starting their journey in Islamic teachings. A thumbs u
Israa Fahad
This book is a precious gem in the realm of children's literature. It introduces young minds to the Prophet's teachings in an engaging and comprehensible way. Kudos to Molvi Abdul Aziz for creating a powerful, educational tool for kids!
Omar Youssef
'20 Hadith for Kids' is a beautiful attempt to instill an understanding of the Prophet's teachings in children. I appreciate how the Hadiths are presented simplistically without compromising their depth. An essential investment for a child's spiritual gro
Adil Rashid
'20 Hadith for Kids' offers an engaging and insightful path into the world of Islam for our young ones. Each Hadith is written in simple language, making it easier for kids to adopt and learn the prophet's teachings. A must-read for the next generation!
Amina Al-Mansour
20 Hadith for Kids' encapsulates essential Hadiths in a minimalist and enthralling manner. Molvi Abdul Aziz has done a commendable job ensuring accessibility and comprehension. Cheers to cultivating curiosity and knowledge in our young ones!
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