history of madinah munawwarah

History of Madinah Munawwarah / تاریخِ مدینہ / Tarikh-e-Madinah

history of makkah

History of Makkah / تاریخِ مکہ / Tarikh-e-Makkah - Darussalam UK

History of Islam 3 Volume Set - English

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Why is it needed now?

It argues for non-Muslims to initiate a process of new thinking on Islam and to relate secularism,religion,culture to contemporary challenges.There is an urgent need today for critical understanding about the history and this is the context of Jewish Muslim relation with regard to Israel and Jews in particular and constitutes a profound and urgent challenge facing today.

And know it is a postcolonial era,the west impose their culture,tradition,and their system upon us,it only that they studied and have knowledge about our (Muslims) history books.Further moe its study helps to get rid of anxiety and to compare it to west old Anglo Saxon to the modern and postmodern eras and differentiate them.


It will inspire the young generation to study the stories of successful people. It also shows how national institutions are made and how many challenges are faced to make them. It gives a chance to choose their career and understand the world in a better way.Further it inspires the young people that they should work hard so that their name will be written in history also.


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