Sunehri Duain Book

Sunehri Duain - سنہری دعائیں

Golden Supplications

Golden Supplications

Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers - Darussalam UK


Let's learn to take from our Lord, Indeed, our Lord is closer than our aorta.

  • The book "Golden Stories of Accepted Prayers/Duaon ki Qaboliyat k Sunere Waqiat” is a magnificent creation of Maulana Abdul Malik Mujahid.
  • Its special feature lies in the compilation of Quranic prayers, authentic Prophetic supplications, and those refined gems pointed after beautiful stories.
  • Furthermore, at the beginning of the book, the radiance of the Quran and Hadith illuminates the golden moments of acceptance of prayers, adding immense beauty to this book.
  • The presentation of events is so exquisite that it truly reflects the author's expertise.
  • Due to immense love and feedback from the readers, this book has been translated into English after Urdu.
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More About Golden stories of accepted Prayers by Darussalam United Kingdom

A supplication is an act of worship. In fact, the Noble Prophet ﷺ designated it as a form of worship because it encompasses all the etiquettes of worship, such as recognizing the greatness, love, fear of Allah, acknowledging human neediness, helplessness, humility, turning to Him, sincere devotion, and having unwavering faith in Allah. 

  • In this book, the author has mentioned the golden events of accepting supplications along with their etiquettes.
  • These events have been beautifully presented by the author, incorporating eloquent expressions, and addressing people's various needs and demands.
  • So come, this book is an invaluable gift for those who are suffering and enduring pain in the grinding mill of afflictions, as the one who can heal them does not seem to be visible.
  • It is a precious support for those weary individuals who, exhausted by repeatedly making supplications according to their assumptions, believe that their Lord does not listen to them.
  • This is a great resource for those helpless people with no one to care for.

Let us all establish a connection with our Lord through prayer and supplications, for this book will be your greatest companion in that regard. Indeed, our Lord is closer than our aorta.

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