The Last of the Prophets (SAW)

The Last of the Prophets (SAW)

Companions Around the Prophet (PBUH) - Roshni ke minar - Darussalam UK


Obtain spiritual light from these minarets of light.

  • This book, titled "Companions Around the Prophet (PBUH)/Roshni ke minar" is a literary masterpiece of the renowned intellectual Abdul Malik Mujahid, which is proof of his love for Rasoolullah (PBUH) and his devoted companions.
  • The author has written this book to adapt the mental and intellectual structure of the youth to the ideals of the Companions, which is the source of our success.
  • The author has extensively studied books in different languages for the compilation of this book.
  • Efforts have been made to make the style extremely simple and accessible, so that students, especially those in schools, colleges, and universities, can benefit greatly.
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More About Companions Around the Prophet Book by Darussalam UK

  • This book, titled "Companions Around the Prophet (PBUH) / Roshni ke minar" by Maulana Abdul Malik Mujahid (may Allah protect him) is an excellent book that encompasses the events of the biography of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 
  • The author has extensively studied Arabic books and with overflowing love for the companions, he has crafted this masterpiece.
  • The dedicated team of Darussalam carried out the editing, proofreading, and compilation of this book.
  • The style of narrating the events is captivating and increases interest. To understand how the implementation of Allah's commands and the respect for the noble traditions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) elevate a person, one should read this book or explore other Islamic biography books.
  • The unknown people of the Arab deserts, with their simplicity and unfamiliarity with civilization, became pioneers of Islam by acting upon its revolutionary teachings, and they eventually began ruling the world.
  • Even today, those who embrace this same biography will find success in this world and the Hereafter. It is essential for all our brothers, elders, and esteemed sisters to introspect their thoughts and actions in the mirror of this historical account and to refine the corners of their beliefs and practices.
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Language English
ISBN 9786035004213
Author(s) Abdul Malik Mujahid
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
Book Cover Soft
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